Staff ID Card with lanyardGetting ID badges for employees is one way to avoid embarrassing mishaps, boost staff morale and improve company security. Why not enhance your commercial reputation and efficiency by issuing ID cards or badges to every member of staff?

ID badges are usually used for business conferences to avoid those embarrassing pauses in conversation when a participant suddenly realises they can’t remember their colleague’s name despite a two day ‘bonding’ experience with each other.

Apart from awkward conference calls, there are lots of other reasons to use personalised photo badges.

Easy Identification

People in customer service roles will find photo ID invaluable. They help customers identify the right person to speak to. They are also vital in professions that require high security, such as banking or childcare facilities.

People unlawfully accessing the buildings will be easily spotted when they are the only ones not wearing an ID badge.

ID badges are beneficial in medical settings to protect patients. Doctors in scrubs may not be visibly identifiable but a hospital issued ID will provide reassurance to the patient. They can help tighten security on maternity wards and prevent abductions by people impersonating nurses.

Employee Benefits

Some ID cards double as time cards. Factory workers and other people who work in shifts may clock in and out with their ID card. High attendance and performance rates can be rewarded by staff bonuses, such as money incentives, gift vouchers or Christmas food. They might also offer discounts to stores or eateries.

Magnetic Coding

Some ID badges have magnetic coding and can be used for access to a building. This is useful in a laboratory situation to avoid contamination or to keep security tight where there are controlled drugs, for hospital wards, prisons, bank vaults and other areas that are restricted.

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Improve business reputation and security and have added perks for staff with professional ID badges.