Marketing PlanIt doesn’t matter what your chosen marketing channels are – you have to have some kind of promotion going on when the holidays roll around to entice new customers and reward your loyal customers.

Depending on the complexity of your promo, you only need a week or two to roll out some holiday promotions so time shouldn’t really be a concern.

So if you haven’t made any plans for this season’s holiday promos, below are some ideas that you could easily implement in time for the holiday season:

Give Customers a Holiday Treat

Understanding your target market and loyal customers means knowing their likes and dislikes. That being said, consider giving out promotional merchandise that is creative that would reflect their own unique tastes. Just make sure that whatever you choose to give out, ensure that it represents your brand and business.

Throw a Special Holiday Party

And yes; indicate that it’s a holiday party in your invites because everyone loves a party. Your holiday party should be an invitation-only event, with some food and drinks, and of course a discounted and well-curated assortment of your best-selling products.
Or perhaps some limited edition ones or those that have yet to be released to the general public. Invite your most loyal customers and have them bring a plus-one that you could turn into a customer.

Leverage FOMO

When appealing to people’s FOMO or “fear of missing out”, you need to do something that would help your brand shine among the countless sea of free shipping and discounts. Basically, give your target market something that they can’t afford to miss out on.
For Black Friday, for instance, introduce limited edition shirts in limited quantities. This way, customers would look forward to buying one for themselves because of their FOMO.

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Classic Gift Certificates

Who doesn’t love gift certificates? With gift certificates, all you really need to do is to rotate your stock so that your offers would look new and fresh, especially to your loyal customers. Also, it’s best that you limit the certificate to a specific range of products or services.
Decide on which ones you should rotate, taking into account your best-sellers and make sure to carry excess stock right in time for the holidays.

With holidays just around the corner, you should ideally have some promotions planned out to capitalise on people’s inclination to spend this time of the year if you haven’t already, don’t beat yourself up over it and take some cues from the ideas mentioned above. Remember, better late than never.