group of fit men and women jumping on a gymGetting back in shape can be a challenge for most people. Women, for instance, find it difficult to squeeze in time for exercise or other physical activities while balancing work and family life. However, as people age, they start developing health problems that are usually caused by poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

In Georgetown, MA, women go to a personal training studio to exercise and get back in shape. The exclusive, female-only setting makes them feel more at ease when they lift weights or participate in group fitness classes. It also motivates them to keep coming back because of the line-up of activities formulated especially for women.

See your doctor first

There are some considerations when starting a fitness routine after many years of being sedentary. While experts say that men and women can engage in physical activities at any age, older individuals need to be more careful about adding too much strain on their bodies. They are also advised to seek clearance from their doctor and be aware of any condition they may have, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

These could limit the type of activities they can do and the length of time they are allowed to exercise. Other problems, such as back or shoulder pain, should be relayed to the personal trainer so the type of exercises can be adjusted to prevent the condition from worsening.

Do it slowly

Adults who have been sedentary for a long time and are returning to a regular fitness routine are advised to take it slow. Muscles and joints need time to adjust to physical activity. Start with walking, light weight training, and stretching classes such as yoga or Pilates. These will help condition the body and wake your cardiovascular system up. The body will eventually adjust to the physical activity and you can start increasing the time you exercise, as well as the variety of the activities you do.

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Starting a fitness program in your 50’s or beyond is not impossible. Start doing the activities you love and enjoy, so you can stick to your fitness routine. You can also go to a personal training studio for women if you feel more comfortable being in an all-female gym.